Seyed Hany Seyedy

My name is Hany Seyedy and I was born in 1985. I have an associate degree in computer software and I have a lot of interest in web programming.

√ Web developer – WordPress site designer – Software support expert – artist painter – Arabic & Persian Translator.

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More information about myself:

Specialties :

  • webmaster
  1. wordpress web site designer (ecommerce, shop, blog, mag, resume, Corporate site etc)
  2. SEo (google analytics, webmaster tools, content, email marketing etc)
  3. graphic design with Photoshop
  4. Increase wordpress site security
  5. Increase wordpress site speed
  6. Expert computer and mobile software support. All software support tasks (Computer – Mobile – Internet). Mastering the Windows operating system and familiarity with and working with the Linux operating system (Ubuntu, Mint). . .
  7. All web-related tasks, including relatively complete familiarity with the Web (domain registration and renewal), and all related issues, including DNS and. . .
  8. Familiarization with programming languages php, javascript, html, css and web page design
  • Translator
  1. Arabic to Persian translation and vice versa
  2. English to Persian
  3. English to Arabic


you can contact me about Specialties below:

HTML , css , SEO , wordpress , Arabic and Persian translation


you can contact me through the following form. Your emails will be reviewed and answered.